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By voluntarily entering the data in the registration form, if they have the nature of personal data, I agree that VeaCom s.r.o. can process them for the purpose of identifying a business partner and potential buyer of any current or future used second-hand motor vehicle from VeaCom s.r.o. and to use such data in connection with the performance of the obligations under such agreement and the exercise of the rights accordingly. This consent is given to VeaCom s.r.o. for the period until the full settlement of the obligations of all concluded purchase agreements based on internet auctions between ourselves, i.e. our company and VeaCom s.r.o.

You can learn complete information about processing your personal data at http://www.veacom.cz/ochrana-osobnich-udaju/

By entering (confirming) the "Agree" field at the same time as VeaCom, s.r.o, you agree that your rights and obligations, i.e. your company and VeaCom, s.r.o, in connection with the conclusion of purchase agreements for vehicles that will be offered to you for sale on the basis of your registration, and the rights and obligations arising from the concluded agreements, were governed by VeaCom, s.r.o. terms and conditions for the sale of used motor vehicles on the basis of an internet auction and a bazaar, published on this website.

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