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How can I participate in auction?

Auction is only available after registeration on www.veacom.cz. Register.

Registration is limited to legal entities and individuals with trade licence for wholesale and retail sale of vehicles and have valid VAT registration with the tax authority.

After completing the registration form on www.veacom.cz the data will be verified by our staff and you will receive your login details by email. 

Login will allow you to access the vehicles on offer and you will be able to participate in auctions.

How can I sell my cars or other vehicles?

If you are interested in selling your vehicle, please contact a representative of our company and we take care of the rest. Contact.

Why buy a vehicle via the veacom.cz?

On veacom.cz you buy a vehicle without intermediary. Therefore, it is fair and completely transparent trade.

In each auction, you have a choice of many vehicles, described in detail and for a fair price. The vast majority of vehicles being offered comes from corporate fleets of proven companies. Most cars are after the first owner, with clear history and serviced at authorized service centers. Mileage or hours always correspond with reality.

I’ve lost my login information?

In this case, please contact us by e-mail at info@veacom.cz and we will send you new data.

How do I get notified about upcoming auction? 

Date of the next auction is always published on our website veacom.cz in auction section.

How often are auctions held? 

The number of auctions is dependent on the supply of vehicles from our business partners, but we usually hold several auctions per month.

When and where can I inspect vehicles?

You can always inspect vehicles by making an appointment with the owner. Relevant contact is always stated in the description.

What happens after the auction?

If you are the highest bidder, we'll send you an e-mail informing you about the winning. You will also receive a contract and invoice through mail. After signing the contract and successful payment we will contact you and arrange when and where the vehicle will be handed over to you.

How about the delivery and handover? 

Vehicle delivery and handover will take place at the location agreed by both parties, usually it is in the seller’s area. Handover protocol will be signed.